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Lonzo by Kat Madrid

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He always plays to win. But will he ever put his heart on the line for one woman?

Jordanna Almueda was the hottest supermodel in the world. But  she had not expected that the candidly admitting she was still a virgin and did not believe in pre-marital sex will her extra attention from the media and the vicious paparazzi. She became a challenge for men, who hounded her with indecent proposals. She needed a break. So when her childhood friend invited her to be a bridesmaid in Italy, Jordanna saw it as an answered prayer. Finally a quiet time away from it all. Or so she thought.

Lonzo Vitale was one of the most powerful men in Europe, having attained billionaire status in his early thirties. Just like his boardrooms moves, his bedroom prowess was legendary. He had no intention of ever settling down with a woman. Ever. That was why he was attending his best friend' wedding, to save his pal from a fate worse than the recent world recession.

They were both in for a big surprise. On the morning of the actual wedding. Lonzo and Jordanna found themselves entwined in the same bed, naked and without any memory of how they ended there in the first place... or that they naked pics would be selling tabloids later.

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