Eve Montelibano Lothario Nico (Reloaded) by Eve Montelibano WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES.Nico Sanvictores is the Golden Boy. Like King Midas, e.. Product #: LMHOD0001 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $295.00 $295.00 2 - 3 Days

Lothario Nico (Reloaded) by Eve Montelibano

Brand: Eve Montelibano
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Nico Sanvictores is the Golden Boy. Like King Midas, everything he touches turns into fortune. The head of a multi-billion conglomerate, his entire life is a self-contained universe, a corporate vision he's mapped out like a lucrative business plan. The next agenda is to marry his fiancee, a beautiful heiress, the perferct match for a man of his stature and influence. Everything changes when he meets an alluring young woman from the wrong side of town. Blindsided by an attraction so powerful, he struggles to fight it for it threatens to destroy everything he has worked so hard for. But it's a losing battle. Suddenly, marrying his fiancee is no longer the piece de resistance in the grand scheme of his fututre. Winning deals and take -overs cease to be the driving forces that motivate him to conquer the world every day. He now longs for a simple life with a simple girl. Her name is Laila. He is madly in love for the first time, a love so deep and strong that he gives up the extremely privileged life of an heir apparent just to be with her. But she betrays him.

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