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Maximum Submission by Kat Madrid

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He is a world-famous sports superstar, an octagon warrior. But an injury forces him to take a break from his high-octane, adrenaline pumped-up career as an MMA Champion and seek the help of a medical specialist.

When Max Braga meets Dr. Natalie Mikaela Chavez again, sparks fly hotter than the first time. He cannot believe that this prim and proper, stuck-up-to-her-white-scrubs Filipina doctor can still make his blood rush in heady excitement after eight long years - something that the ring girls and Playboy bunnies were unable to do. He definitely doesn't need this kind of distraction prior to the most challenging fight of his career. Natalie is the Miss Exclusivity type while he is Mr. Open Relationship.

No, their lives will never mix. He will resist her. That is the plan. No woman, no matter how hot can take away his focus from his sport. But when she asks him for seduction tips, all his best intentions fly out of the window. Natalie has a way of making him stick and crave like junkie.

Having her once is not enough. Now, he has a problem worse than his injury.

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