Love Match

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The two Of Us by Angela Galvez

When failure is not an option, what will you choose? Justice or love?

Financial mogul Lucas Anton Guerrero lives for one thing - to avenge the tragedy that has befallen his family. All these years he worked so hard, forsaking all personal happiness for that one burning goal - to destroy Oswaldo Lazcano. Now, he is so close to finally achieving justice.


Rebel and Rogue by Luan Lucas

Can a whirlwind romance...

 Rebel Dodds is burned out and running away from fame. He flies to the paradise island in the Philippines fully intending to relax and enjoy his anonymity. The last thing he wants is to meet the most exasperating chatterbox with the cutest smile and the hottest body, who start to turn his world downside up the moment he lays eyes on her.


Hard To Hold by Eve Montelibano (In Full English)

Bad Boy Meets Good Girl

Former rock star and now multi-awarded movie director Jaq Montero is in deep trouble. He wakes up one morning to a big shock. His face is all over the news, but not to receive another international award for best feature film.