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Rebel and Rogue by Luan Lucas

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Can a whirlwind romance...

 Rebel Dodds is burned out and running away from fame. He flies to the paradise island in the Philippines fully intending to relax and enjoy his anonymity. The last thing he wants is to meet the most exasperating chatterbox with the cutest smile and the hottest body, who start to turn his world downside up the moment he lays eyes on her.

Rogue Sta. Maria goes on a vacation to recharge her mind from writer's block. Her next important novel is scheduled for release and she has no manuscript to show for! But, instead of straightening her gears, she meets one of the famous people in the world, the brilliant New York Times best-selling author Rebel Dodds - her long time idol and crush - inside his bathroom! In all. His naked. Glory!

Lead to ever after?

Falling in love with this worldly and complicated specimen of the hottest female fantasies is dangerous to her hopeless, romantic heart, but she find herself succumbing to the powerful attraction they have for each other. Of course, she has to pay the price when vacation is over, for he is not named Rebel for nothing.

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