Ruenna Ortiz Kiss From A Rose by Ruenna Ortiz Globe-trotting man of the world John Marcus Eliazar loves his freedom.But his bachelor days are numb.. Product #: LMRED2009-0007 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $100.00 $100.00 In Stock

Kiss From A Rose by Ruenna Ortiz

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Globe-trotting man of the world John Marcus Eliazar loves his freedom.
But his bachelor days are numbered, courtesy of his match-making parents!

He has to find a solution to his problem fast! He needs a “bride for hire”. What is more convenient than to offer the job to his niece’s nanny, the sweet and simple ,Ayessa Rose? She is perfect for the job, an unassuming woman who is totally at his mercy and who badly needs money to pay a family debt. So he asks Ayessa to be his bride for six months only.

Ayessa couldn’t believe it when his gorgeous employer, whom she’s had a crush on from day one asks her to be his wife. She goes over the moon for ten seconds, only to be abruptly dropped back to earth when she learns the motive behind his proposal.

He wants a marriage of convenience to avoid marrying another woman! She is hurt but his offer spells the solution to her current financial predicament.

They get married in a quickly ceremony in Las Vegas. John can finally heave a sigh of relief. His freedom is safe. She has signed a contract, agreeing to all his wishes. He can divorce her anytime he wants.

But...bigger trouble arises when he kisses his new “bride”...

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