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The two Of Us by Angela Galvez

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When failure is not an option, what will you choose? Justice or love?

Financial mogul Lucas Anton Guerrero lives for one thing - to avenge the tragedy that has befallen his family. All these years he worked so hard, forsaking all personal happiness for that one burning goal - to destroy Oswaldo Lazcano. Now, he is so close to finally achieving justice.

What will you choose?

There's one thing he must do, a necessary means to an end - marry his mortal enemy's daughter. He's been dealing with the most cunning businessmen all over the world. A spoiled socialite will be no match for him. He will subdue her, squash her pride, use her body and then discard her when she has served her purpose.

Justice or love?

But conquering Isabella Lazcano is not as easy as he first thought. Fiery and intriguing, she challenges him at every turn, a novelty in his currency-driven world. Against his better judgment, he finds himself fascinated every passing day - a complication he absolutely doesn't need.

"It is a battle he badly wants to win, but at a price he is not willing to pay."

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