To Die For

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To Die For: XANDER by Kat Madrid

Control is an illusion...

Delta Force operator Xander Thorne’s control is legendary even among his elite military group. He never fails a mission simply because he never allows his emotions to get in the way of his objectives.


To Die For E.D.G.E: RHYS by Kat Madrid

He was a man out for blood.

Rhys Stone a.k.a. Kristov Dmitriev’s mission was also a personal crusade: hunt and kill the man who was instrumental in killing the people he loved. His years of going undercover and posing as an arms dealer was beginning to pay off:


Man Of Valor 1: RAVEN by Eve Montelibano

Captain Raven Montevera loved trouble. And he found one in the form of a maddeningly sexy spitfire. A spoiled socialite with a nasty temper, he had to protect her from danger with his life. But who would protect her from him?


Man Of Valor 2: DAX by Eve Montelibano

Dax's R n R is disrupted by an urgent call from the Stealth Unlimited headquarters. Someone has been kidnapped and his bosses want him to head the recovery operation. But the victim is no ordinary one. In fact, he would be rescuing his wife Rianna de Valdeverro.