May 2018

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The Silent Attack By Venice Jacobs

“Everyone has secrets they want to keep…”

Nang ipagkatiwala kay Attorney Samantha Escanillas ang Case #03-0515, the Hidden Box Massacre case, napukaw agad ang kanyang interes. She had been looking for a challenging case and this was it. She wanted to uncover the truth, lalo na nang makilala niya ang kaisa-isang itinuturing na salarin: si Xebastian Lozano.


The Juan That Got Away by Heart Yngrid

“You made me fall in love with you and I think that is the biggest offense you’ve done to me…” I still can’t get over the man I met at the beach three years ago. I think he’s the one that got away.


Devoted by Belle Feliz

Sometimes, love could be easy and uncomplicated.

Matagal nang gusto ng kanya-kanyang pamilya na magkatuluyan ang isang Punzalan at isang Soriano. Pero hindi iyon nabibigyang-katuparan dahil walang Punzalan at Soriano na nagkakagustuhan.
Hanggang sa magkaharap muli ang kapwa brokenhearted na sina Mimi Punzalan at Mark Soriano. Pareho silang naglaan ng mahabang panahon at nag-invest ng pagmamahal sa mga taong hindi naman sila totoong minahal.


Cardinal Bastards 8: Daniel Caleb by Vanessa

He was everything any woman would dream of. And he was hers.


Tales of Love and Lust (An Anthology)

Chelsea was brokenhearted going to a party aptly called "No Tomorrow." Doon ay mayroong lalaking naglagay ng gamot sa kanyang inumin.


Tales of Love and Lust 2 (An Anthology)

Amelie used to be Warren's girlfriend. Naghiwalay sila at ngayon ay boss na niya ang lalaki. He was always doing things to irritate her and prevent her from climbing up the corporate ladder.


Hubaderos Book 1 Neo Get Naked by Mandie

The raindrops merged with their ardent kiss…
A kiss that brought them a promise of lasting
love that would stand the test of time.



IOU Men 4: Jimeno, The Actor by Vanessa

She didn’t know what she deserved until Jimeno showed her she was meant for a kind of love most people only dream to have. Isang boyfriend for hire ang hinahanap ni Bituin—