Dirt Riders Club

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Dirt Riders Club Series 2 - Aven Grajeda - Destiny's Wheelie By Grecia Rei

I learned how to love a man who can't love me back.

Aven Grajeda was an epitome of a good son, the reason why he did not hesitate to follow his mother's dying wish - him entering the seminary. niya ang babae. Alin ang dapat niyang piliin, ang tawag ng puso o ang tawag ng pagpapari?


Dirt Riders Club Series 1 - Riki Cheng - Love Crash By Grecia Rei

It seemed like she was a magnet and he just couldn't take his eyes of her.

For Riki Cheng, riding his dirt bike was his passion that was why he decided to form an exclusive motorcross organization called Dirt Riders Club.