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Sweetheart 1 by Martha Cecilia

"Ikaw ang aking panaginip... ang aking magandang pag-ibig."


Sweetheart 2: Lavander Lace by Martha Cecilia

The infamous Rigo dela Serna ng Engineering Department. Super-guwapo, ex-scholar, star-player at playboy numero uno.

Pero para kay Lacey, Rigo is a cross between Elvis Presyley and Antonio Banderas sa kupas at hapit na maong, itim na jacket at motorsiklo.


Sweetheart 4 My Knight In Shining Armour by Martha Cecilia

“Shut up, Moana. I don’t kiss little girls with braces!”

Moana Marie was fifteen and had this stupid crush on Vince Saavedra, cool and drop-dead gorgeous.