K.R.Y. Trilogy

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K.R.Y. Trilogy 1: Marcus (Seven Years Of Love) By Marione Ashley

“Though there are so many faces in the crowd, there’s only one face I recognize. Yours.”

Marcus Cho loved Joanne once in his life. Mas mahalaga pa ito kaysa sa pangarap niya. But she hurt him big-time. He vowed to himself he would never fall in love again. Kasabay niyon,


K.R.Y. Trilogy 2: Nathan (If I Love You More) By Marione Ashley

For years I’ve been going through an unrequited love and not even once I regretted falling in love with her because she’s worth the pain and the uncertainties.

Nang magbalak si Nathan na i-improve ang physical looks dahil sa babaeng napupusuan, sa best friend niyang si Lyn siya nagpatulong.


K.R.Y. Trilogy 3: Jerome (It Has To Be You) By Marione Ashley

“I’ll make you see it’s not nice to be alone. I’ll make you realize it’s happier if you’re with someone, if you’re with me.”

Seven years ago, Jerome thought music was all that was important to him. Hanggang sa makilala niya si Cher. Sa kabila ng mala-Sadako na anyo ay nagkagusto siya rito.