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Lothario Nico (Reloaded) by Eve Montelibano

WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES. Nico Sanvictores is the Golden Boy. Like King Midas, everything he touches turns into fortune. The head of a multi-billion conglomerate, his entire life is a self-contained universe, a corporate vision he's
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Lothario Jonty by Eve Montelibano

A master of the game of love. Bored with the babes lining up at his front door? Jonty can't believe that it's actually appening to him! He is only thirty years old! He justpropably had too much of the dating scene and the fast life. All he needs is a b
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Lothario Kit by Eve Montelibano

Lothario Kit by Eve Montelibano Kit del Bianco didn’t recognize the word ‘no’. He viewed the world like his slave, always at his beck and call. His vast wealth always afforded him everything he d**n well fancied, not to mention his extraordinary good look
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Lothario JAQ Hard To Hold By Eve Montelibano

Bad boy meets good girl Former rock star and now multi-awarded movie director Jaq Montero is in deep trouble. He wakes up one morning to a big shock. His face is all over the news, but not to receive another international award for best feature film. H
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Man Of Valor I: Raven by Eve Montelibano

Man Of Valor I: Raven by Eve Montelibano He Loves trouble... Philippine Marine captain, Raven Montever a has been suspended from the AFP for insubordination. His superior officer gives him a punishment in the form of Biaca Allejandro. He has to guar
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Man Of Valor 2: Dax by Eve Montelibano

MOV2 Dax by Eve Montelibano, Dax's R n R is disrupted by an urgent call from the Stealth Unlimited headquarters. Someone has been kidnapped and his bosses want him to head the recovery operation. But the victim is no ordinary one. In fact, he would be res
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Rich and Famous: Mine To Take by Eve Montelibano

A love lost and found again. Tony Boy is a self-made man. Siya ang kasalukuyang World pool Champion, ang superstar sa puso ng bawat Pilipino. The International Billiard Magazine dubs him as "The Conqueror", eliminating his opponents with incredible strok
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