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One Night With A Stranger by Anya Vega
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One Night With A Stranger by Anya Vega

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 He thinks he has everything…


Nick del Fierro is happily living the mile-high club, not only because he is a successful commercial pilot but he owns his own airline, too. In his busy world of fast aircrafts and even faster women, he has no time for serious relationships. One night in Paris, he rescues a lovely stranger from a potential date rape. But he ends up in bed with the woman in a sensual romp that left him more fired up and winded than an exhibition flight. He wants more of her. Of course,  he will have more of her. Women always want more of him. But the morning after is a disaster. The hysterical babe accuses him of taking advantage of her. For the first time in his wild bachelor life, a woman leaves him with not even a thank you kiss for his great performance the night before, not even her number so they can have an encore!

Until one woman dares to show him what he is actually missing.

Georgie  leaves Paris reeling in shock at her outrageous, totally out-of-character behavior. My Gosh,  she  had slept with a guy she didn’t know from Adam! Where did her common sense go? Paris does something weird to people that makes them do things out of control, she is sure of it. Unforgettable though it was, that wild night with the stranger will just have to be chalked to experience, a lesson learned the hard way.  Yes, don’t talk to strangers, especially in Paris! Thank heavens she won’t have to see him again, ever!

Tough luck. They see each other again. And they both learn quickly that the Paris episode is not a one night stand.



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